Cycling For Beginners, Expert Advice to Help Get Started

Kevin Livingston gives some expert advise for the beginner cyclist – Kevin definitely knows what he is taking about as he is a former professional cyclist who raced professionally for 8 years and participated 6 times in the Tour De France cycling event.

Have the correct bike to suit your body type. Your body weight and height needs to be taken into consideration here.. This simple step is very important as you will be spending a large amount of time cycle training, so comfort is paramount. Kevin mentions “enjoyment” is important… believe me, there’s no enjoyment if your bike is uncomfortable. I’ve seen many riders over look this simple step and wonder why their bodies are aching after every ride. Another reason is to stay injury free. One of my cycling buddies was ordered to stop training for a time by his doctor due to having the incorrect seat fitted on his bike. I’m not going to go into detail here but I think you get the message. Get the right like for you!Participating in group events or joining the local cycling club. There are many advantages in doing this. You will develop proper cycling habits from more experienced cyclists. Like any sport, there are a few fundamental skills that should be learned before mixing it up with he big guns. Drafting is one skill that comes to mind that will dramatically help improve your cycling.

Billy Styling gives a few safety tips that should always be adhered to when riding in a bunch.  Some of the important things mentioned are, always have 2 hands on the handle bars for maximum control. The only exception would be when taking a drink from your drink bottle. Another tip is signalling pot holes in the road ahead when in front of the bunch. Also warning other riders of traffic from the from and behind. Remember Safety first!The benefits are many when it comes to cycling i.e. weight loss,developing strong cardiovascular system, building leg strength and also general body strength just to name a few. Remember we ALL started from the beginning. The most important thing is to have fun so round up your friends and get started today.

Below is an easy cycling program to get you started and builds up to the 40k distance… Be sure to book mark this page for future reference. Also feel free to ask questions in the comments area below. I’d love to hear from you!News – A Safe Place for Cycle Training.

New York Times blog Soon a Safe Place for Unsteady Bicyclists. New York Times blog West Side will be turned into a safe place for bicyclists especially beginners. Even with a widening network of bike lanes the city’s streets can still be intimidating for children and other New Yorkers trying to bicycle for a wobbly first time.

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