Cycling Training Plans

I’ve been involved in various sports all my life and have always considered my self a relatively fit person. However, since I’ve hit my 40s, its proving to be more of a challenge to stay in shape. Over the last 5 years or so I’ve found myself slowly increasing in weight to the point where I now weigh in at 104 kilograms or 228 bounds.

I played rugby which is our national game here in New Zealand. I love the game but gave up once I reached my late twenties due to mounting injuries. I then became involved in triathlons with a buddy of mine and competed in various events around New Zealand for the next few years. Once again, injuries started to take there toll due to all the running we were doing, so I decided to take a break to give my body time to mend. Well, that break has turned into years and I haven’t been too active since hence the weight increase.

I’ve always enjoyed cycling so it makes perfect sense to take up the sport as my main hobby. My goals are to firstly, get fit for 2010/2011 and then start participating in various cycling events in New Zealand and eventually around the world. This has always been a goal of mine and this is the very beginning of that journey. To get things started on the right foot, I’ve decided to follow a cycling training program that has been written by ex-professional riders. In my triathlon day, I enjoyed average success when it came to race days. Most of the training programs I followed were free from various places and I would just tag along in training sessions with other people. There wasn’t really any structure to my training and my results kind of reflected that. I’m not getting any younger so this time around, I’m going to do things the right way and seek the advice of professionals.I invite you to tag along and follow my journey. I hope to be doing this for many years to come and hope to inspire others to do the same. Who knows, maybe we’ll be riding together in some part of the world some day… that would be nice.

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